About us (and you!)

1 Dollar a Day was founded in 2006 in the UK by a handful of people wanting to do something about the billion or so who live on less than 1 Dollar a Day. Knowing that only together could we acheive something significant, 1 Dollar a Day was born – a movement by the people for the people. This isn’t about us, it’s about everyone together...

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Mission Statement: our goals

  • to make poverty history for many of the billion people who live on less than 1 dollar a day
  • to be a gateway for many to invest 1 dollar a day to help secure the future of these people
  • to achieve our goals through partnerships and sustainable initiatives.

Rationale: why do we exist?

  • we believe all human life is unique and precious and those who live in developed countries, who have much, have a duty of care towards those who have little
  • we are not content to sit back and let politicians prevaricate and multi-national corporations profit whilst the world’s poor continue to starve and suffer
  • we believe that there are thousands of people like us who feel similarly motivated to help
  • 1 Dollar a Day is a people’s movement that gives an opportunity to help.

Target areas: for partnership and action

  • health
  • education
  • clean water
  • micro-enterprise
  • women’s rights
  • children’s rights

Concept: what is involved?

The concept is simple: we ask for a regular donation of 1 Dollar a Day. We will use this to help those who survive on less than this amount to help themselves. Since this is a long-term process, we ask our supporters to make a long-term commitment to achieve this.

We aim:

  • to see sustained long-term development and growth in the developing world
  • to see a reduction in the exploitation of vulnerable people, communities and environments
  • to invest into our specific target areas
  • to benefit individuals, families and communities and to reinforce local infrastructure and provide employment.

Distinctives: what is different about us?

  • we are a people’s movement born out of a desire to get involved and change the status quo
  • we are not a disaster relief organisation
  • we are committed to the principles of empowerment, self-sufficiency and long-term growth by appropriate investment
  • we are primarily internet-based to keep overheads down and to reach the wider global community
  • we are a charity born out of a Christian faith, but intend to partner with both faith and secular organisations.

Methods: how will we do this?

Wherever possible, we will achieve our goals by supporting individuals, groups and charities who are already in the field, with proven track records and the potential to expand their operations.

We will:

  • remain flexible about the methods of achieving our objectives in order to readily respond to changing situations
  • be transparent and accountable
  • be as cost efficient as possible whilst keeping our supporters informed
  • be internet-based, maintaining a regularly updated website.

Our resources

Our principal resource is you, your family, workmates, friends and thousands of other people like you!

If you are willing to support this charity we hope you will feel able to forward our link to your email contacts, who might also be willing to be involved.

Practical details

If you would like to support 1 Dollar a Day we are looking for a commitment to the world’s poor, of the equivalent of US$1.00 per day (50 pence per day or £15.00 per calendar month). Of course, we accept one-off gifts and larger long-term donations. You can give by standing order from your bank or via credit card using the secure Google Checkout payment system.

We are a registered charity (Number 1114917) and if you are a UK taxpayer and complete our gift-aid mandate, we can recover the basic rate of tax paid on all your gifts.