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How much of my money is wasted on admin?

As a small organisation we are currently run by volunteers. Both the set up costs and ongoing running costs are covered by the trustees and a core group of investors. By law we will require a yearly independent audit and unfortunately the realties of modern banking mean that we have to pay money transfer costs to send funds to our international partners. For British tax payers who fill in ‘Gift Aid’ forms the tax recovered will more than cover these costs and therefore 100% of the core gift will be passed on to our partners. We currently do not have any paid staff or keep reserve funds.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is the Tax Relief which the UK Government will pay back to us for all UK tax payers who have completed and returned the Gift Aid form. You can find this under the Get Involved section of this web site. Higher rate tax payers can claim the difference back against their tax code.

If I initiate a regular gift can I stop my payment in the future?

Whenever you need to or want to. Just instruct your bank or credit card company that you would like to suspend payments for a period, or cancel altogether. Naturally we will be sorry to lose your support, but we realise that situations and circumstances change even if the problems we face don’t seem to.

The value of the US Dollar fluctuates, does this affect how much I am supposed to give?

No! We picked the US Dollar because it is the most universal currency and used by the UN for their measure of absolute poverty. If the value of the dollar varies then naturally the number of people who live on less than that equivalent amount varies.

What about corruption?

1 Dollar A Day has a policy of working with other partner charities who already have long term established working practices. These proven relationship based track records, minimise the risk of corruption. In return, for our on going support, we require full transparency and accountability from our partners.

You say you are a Christian organisation, does this mean that you only support religious organisations or spend our money on indoctrinating the world’s poor?

No. Our long term aim is to help in the elimination of poverty. We are happy to consider partnership with both faith and secular organisations.

Letter from the Chairman – Andrew Cromwell

In May 2004, I had the privilege of visiting South Africa, as part of a Primary Health Care Team. We were based in a shanty town, aptly named ‘Tin Town’, a suburb of Senegal, Orange Free State. During this time I visited a number of small primary school projects with approximately 20 children in each. The teachers worked without pay, only getting one hot meal a day. Some of these teachers did not even eat the meal themselves but took it home to feed their children. I was told that one of them had not missed a day’s work in over three years of service!

In June 2006, I was listening to a radio debate about the G8 Summit in Edinburgh. During the broadcast, two phrases came up again and again. The first was ‘1 dollar a day’ and how over a billion people still live on or below this benchmark of absolute poverty. The second phrase was, ...”but what can we as individuals do?” I was drinking a fizzy drink at the time, (a daily habit), which I realised cost about 1 dollar a day.

The truth is, we as individuals can do a lot. This is not only by our collective responsibility but we have the opportunity to help radically change the lives of the poorest of the poor. Our aim in 1 Dollar A Day is primarily to create a Global People’s Movement where ‘the haves’ invest in the ‘have nots’.

Therefore, we encourage anyone reading this note to find an area of interest and contribute to the efforts of someone less fortunate than themselves. If you do not have the contacts or mechanism to make such an investment, then we invite you to get involved with 1 Dollar A Day.

Lastly, I would like to emphasise that 1 Dollar A Day’s focus is sustainable development. If any of the teachers mentioned above, received an offer of paid employment, their school and community could lose a dedicated worker. A small investment really can make a significant difference. Will you come on board...?

Yours Sincerely,
Andrew Cromwell
Chairman of 1 Dollar a Day

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Introducing the Trustees

Andrew Cromwell
Founder and Chairman of 1 Dollar A Day

Andrew is married with three children. He has a background in Architectural Design and works as a Design Manager for large scale construction and refurbishment projects. His specialities include Value Engineering and Supply Chain Management. He has an ongoing research interest in environmentally sound construction, both residential and commercial.

Andrew has served in Church leadership, and has qualifications in counselling. He has a passion for short term mission projects, particularly within the context of international development. Andrew has a heart for the ‘poorest of the poor’, who appear below the radar of established world wide banking systems. He is widely travelled both as part of mission teams and for international speaking engagements.

Keith Brown

Keith is a qualified as an osteopath and naturopath, although not currently in practice. Keith also has wide ranging business and practical expertise which he has applied to helping to set up 1 Dollar a Day.

He has been on two Primary Healthcare teams visiting Africa. As a result of this and a six month church building project (which followed the first trip), he became involved with 1Dollar a Day. In 2006 Keith was awarded Jewson’s award for Regional Builder from Heaven, in relation to above mentioned church building project. Along with his wife, Keith has recently opened a shop in Chelmsford, Essex. The shop is retailing a range of environmentally friendly clothing and accessories under the brand of “The Earth Collection”. This new business enterprise is in part intended to support him in both future charity work and initiating other projects.

Professor Michael W Steward
Trustee & Council of Reference

Michael has had a long career as Professor of Immunology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the University of London. As part of his work, he has travelled widely throughout the world to carry out research and teaching. He was for many years the Editor of the international scientific journal “Immunology”.

He was, until recently, part of the leadership of Epping Forest Community Church which he and his wife Lynn started in their home more than 20 years ago. He is now Chairman of the trustees and runs the administration of the charity “Tough Talk”, a group of ex London hard men, drug addicts and alcoholics who demonstrate their strength as powerlifters as a backdrop to sharing their faith in Jesus Christ throughout the UK and abroad.

Council of Reference

Norman Barnes

Norman is the founder of Links International, which became a charity in its own right in 1985. Norman travelled to over fifty countries in this capacity. Links was established after Norman made an initial visit to Ghana in 1979 and saw how much could be achieved in such countries with so relatively little. Links, from it's beginning, wanted to help missionaries and nationals in practical ways, and has already distributed millions of dollars to a variety of projects. Norman has now retired as Director of Links International, but still preaches and teaches both in the UK and internationally.

Rev. Dr. David L. Hain

Having come from a corporate business background, (former Global Business Manager for ICI), Dave now specializes in the areas of addiction counseling ministry. He is founder and Executive Director of Etsah Ministries which is based in Quarryville, PA. Previously Dave had served as a missionary with Adventures in Missions leading more than 200 short-term mission groups in urban ministry in Philadelphia. While at Pennsylvania Counseling Services Dave was the Director of Specialized Services including Drug and Alcohol and Sex Offender counseling at several offices. He is author of, From Addict to Disciple: The First Twelve Steps and Walking the Path That Follows, Published in 2005, by Coachwhip Publications. For further information on any workshops, Dave’s book or his ministry, Dave can be contacted by email at

Christine Noble

Christine is co-founder and leader of Spirit Connect, a Christian charity that seeks to act as a catalyst in connecting and encouraging like minded people. An experienced public speaker, Christine became a Christian in the early 1960's. Together with her husband John they were both a founding influence and key members of the House Church movement at this time. She has been involved in church in a variety of ways from encouraging creativity to church leadership, preaching and caring for churches. In particular Christine has a heart for the empowerment of woman and their rights, both in and outside the established Church.

Christine has travel extensively into Two Thirds World situations, encouraging those in mission and social projects. In particular she has worked in Ethiopia for Tear Fund, with an emphasis on the plight of women, FGM and poverty, and hopes to extend this work into other parts of Africa.

Current Partners

  • Links International
  • Fundación IMiC (Colombia)
  • Peoples Light (South Africa)
  • IDD Community College (India)

Formal approaches from potential new partners will be given due consideration.

How to Contact Us

The best way to contact 1 Dollar A Day is by email at:

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