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Homeless in Kyrgystan

Mark (not his real name) and his wife, are a couple living in a village in Kyrgyzstan. This couple have rented a property in the village and provide permanent accommodation for homeless people off the streets.

Currently, six people are being cared for in the house and are living as a family. Mark is funding this by his own efforts and by encouraging the people living with him to do whatever paid work they can to assist.

1 Dollar a Day trustee Mike Steward and his wife Lynn visited Kyrgyzstan in 2005 and spent time with Mark, saw what he was doing in the village and heard his own story. He was himself living on the streets as a homeless alcoholic, estranged from his wife and young daughter. His daughter persuaded him to return to his family and to ìbelieve in Jesusî. In a remarkable turnaround, he became a believer, overcame his alcoholism and restored his marriage.

He decided to start to help some of the large number of homeless people on the streets to restore their lives as he had. He is an amazing man and is totally committed to assisting as many homeless people as possible. He has started this work initially using what little money he could earn himself. He now receives some support from a person currently serving in Kyrgyzstan and from two other people from the UK. His income from these sources is clearly not sufficient to support his family and the six homeless folk.

We are excited to report that he was the very first recipient of support from 1 Dollar a Day, 2006.

Your Gift Has Made The Difference - Links International

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank 1 Dollar a Day for your generous donations toward our micro enterprise initiative and to share with you an example of what your gift has achieved.

Through your donations we have been able to start new initiatives in Peru, Colombia, India, The Philippines and The Middle East. Our initiative in Uganda is literally seeing thousands of lives changed.

There continue to be more and more organisations around the world recognising how life changing these initiatives can be. From a shoe making business in New Delhi to selling fruits and vegetables in Bogota Colombia; the story is the same - lives changed, well-being improved and dignity restored.

Here is just one of many poignant testimonies: “For the last 18 years I have worked in different shoe factories away from my home and family, my salary was meagre. I thank God for the Microenterprise development which has given me a new opening. I now run my own shoe making business! The business is picking up and I am happy to be with my family and to now be able to take care of all the household responsibilities”.

Yours with gratitude, Links International

Spotlight on IID Trainees in India

We have recieved the following reports of how life has changed for two young people in India through the IDD project in India supported by 1 Dollar a Day:

Amala (17) hails from a suburb of Chennai, India. Her father passed away when she was a little girl, leaving her and her job-less mother astray. Her mother struggled and provided her free education up to high school. IDD Community College has offered her one-year Diploma in Health Assistant course, which she has been cheerfully pursuing. Her mother Govindammal earns just a meager sum of one thousand rupees ($25 US Dollars) a month by working as a sweeper in an export company for their survival. Apart from the college fee, Amala needs to incur daily expenses for her travel to and from the college. Amala will be much delighted to be financially supported to realize her dream of becoming a Nurse.

Rajendran (27) who is a visually challenged person lives in Aminjikarai, Chennai, India. He lost his sight when he was one year old due to general weakness .He lost his father when he was 2 years old. His mother started to work as a servant maid to run the family. Rajendran had to spend all his lifetime in free government schools and hostels. Later he joined IDD community college for the Diploma in Computer Application that specialises on visually impaired young people. Rajendran aspires to take care of his mother and lead a selfsustained life. His hopes will surely be reinforced by the financial assistance he receives for doing his computer programme.