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Inter-Mission Industrial Development Association (IID) is a charitable social service organization founded in 1974 with the aim to provide “value-based holistic training and rehabilitation to orphans, poor youth, poor women, the unemployed and the underprivileged”. Jochen and Johshy Tewes, the organisations founders report on their work with the disadvantaged in India:

“Unemployment is the root cause of many problems prevalent in India. Through our Community College system IID provides both employment skills and life-coping education enabling the disadvantaged to find appropriate employment.

Our Inter Mission Micro Enterprise Development (IMED) programme was started in 1996 to help poor women in the suburbs of Chennai. It provides them with micro-loans to enable them to start their own businesses and also helps them to save money. As the IMED work expanded, the women who we were helping brought to light problems faced by their children in continuing higher education due to various factors, both financial and non-financial. Therefore, we decided to set up Community Colleges for young people, but with particular regard for the needs of girls and the handicapped such as the visually challenged, hearing impaired etc. We aim to help them learn new skills, find jobs, and to show them that they too can earn money and help support their families. Our first Community College was started for girls at Vadapalani, in the centre of Chennai city on the 1st of July 2002. More Community Colleges both for boys and girls, soon followed in other parts of Chennai such as Kellys, Aminjikarai and Kottivakkam.

After the tsunami disaster in December 2004, the need in the coastal towns of Karaikal and Mahabalipuram (300km and 50km respectively south of Chennai) challenged IID to start two more Community Colleges in 2005. We now run five Industrial Training Schools, seven Community Colleges and some Day Care Centres.

The close and active links between industry and the colleges is the secret of success of the Community Colleges. IID has produced more than 1900 Diploma holders, all of whom have been placed in various companies and major organizations. Thousands of young students who studied in these colleges have also learned how to make a difference in their world, just by being able to support their families and themselves through the different skills that they acquired in the Community Colleges.”

We have received the following reports of how life has changed for two young people in India through the IID project in India supported by 1 Dollar a Day:

Rajendran (27) is a visually challenged person who lives in Aminjikarai, Chennai, India. He lost his sight when he was a year old, sadly he then also lost his father and his mother had to work as a servant to support the family. Consequently Rajendran had to spend most of his life in government schools and hostels. Later he enrolled at IID community college for the Diploma in Computer Application course which specialises in training visually impaired young people. Rajendran aspires to be able to take care of his mother and lead a self-sustained life. His hopes will surely be reinforced by the financial assistance he now receives from 1 Dollar a Day to enable him to complete his computer programming course.

Amala (17) also comes from a suburb of Chennai, India. Her father died when she was a little girl, leaving her and her mother without any income. Her mother struggled but managed to provide Amala’s education up to high school level by working as a sweeper in an export company. IID Community College then offered her a one year course leading to a Health Assistant’s Diploma. Amala is delighted to be currently supported by 1 Dollar a Day in her studies towards her dream of becoming fully qualified as a nurse.

Story courtesy of our partner IDD Community College.

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