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Nearly 40% of women have been attacked by their male companion. Sexual abuse of children increased 56% during 2000 to 2004. Of children under five years 14% exhibit stunted growth. Displaced populations are 75% women and children. Estimated 6,000 to 7,000 children work as soldiers in urban militias and other armed forces. Source: UNICEF, Colombia Profile, March 2008.

In Colombia many children are at risk of violence, abuse and neglect:

  • domestic violence is common
  • sexual abuse of children has been rising
  • one in seven young children are undernourished
  • armed conflict threatens life and livelihood

IMC works at the social end of the scale, seeking to prevent children at risk being forced onto the streets by supporting them within their families. To this end, IMC frequently provides necessities for these families in need, including provision of school fees and uniforms, clothing, medical expenses and groceries. IMC has day to day contact, on the streets, with youngsters whose lives are under threat
and in constant danger.

Apart from purpose built secure homes and education/feeding programmes, IMC is trying to meet the basic needs of families. MicroEnterprise schemes are designed to provide self-worth to the parent and at the same time take their family out of the poverty trap, and prevent more children being put out onto the streets.

Case Study

A very poor family where 'Grandma' is looking after her own children as well as those of her daughter who is now in prison [the father has been killed] in very poor standards. Three of the children are being educated and attend the feeding programme daily, whilst one of the younger boys, Jon, is being looked after at the IMiC residential home. 'Grandma' cooks small 'pasties' for sale with cooking utensils purchased through the MicroEnterprise scheme.

Story courtesy of our partner Fundación IMiC.

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