Current Projects... Micro Enterprise

A small loan (usually under £100) is given to start a small business which then generates sufficient income to take a family out of poverty. Children are fed and clothed, daily needs met, bank accounts opened and communities strengthened from local spending of the profits.

Ultimately the original capital is paid back so that it is then available to be reinvested in someone else. Most importantly, micro-enterprise restores dignity and self-respect and empowers people to help themselves. World wide Micro enterprise initiatives have been hugely successful.

Creative Projects

For example with just £220 can buy a cow in Kenya, which will provide enough milk for an entire school on a rotational basis. The clever bit is the £220 includes the cost of having the cow artificially inseminated - so we end up with two for the price of one!

In Thailand 600 orange trees were supplied by Links International to provide both a source of food and an income stream to refugees from Burma.
For further examples see our partners websites.

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