Sarah's Story - Transforming Lives

'Sarah is a young mother living in Uganda. She was one of the early beneficiaries of our Micro Enterprise Development project which we run in partnership with an organisation called Wellspring based on the outskirts of Kampala.

Sarah applied for a loan to start up a business selling charcoal, buying it up in the rural areas and then selling it on in the towns. Her business was a great success, she began to prosper and for the first time was able to put her children through education, not to mention now being able to feed and clothe them. As Sarah’s business began to draw attention, other budding entrepreneurs decided that they would like a piece of the action and began to set up competing charcoal stalls alongside Sarah. This inevitably caused a glut in the market, with an associated price drop, and consequently no one was making any money.

Seeing this problem, Sarah decided to apply for a second cycle loan, developing her business to sell charcoal wholesale by buying up large amounts, which she could then sell on to all of the retailers who had set up stalls alongside her. Again this was a great success.

Sarah’s business has done so well that she now has her own house and savings, her family is well taken care of and she is tithing into her local church (giving 10% of her income back to her community). Her business skills are constantly developing and as a result of her example, many of her friends and family are also now developing their businesses and coming out of poverty.'

Story courtesy of our partner Links International.

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